Measurement: monitoring, web statistics

Measures of a website's performance are as new as the web itself. We do a thorough collection of the data and a detailed analysis. We synthesize the information into understandable, actionable conclusions to reach your goals using the web.

Whether you have a website or not, your organization is on the web. Internet users discuss your products, company, organization, competitors, and the health topics they address. All this impacts your organization.

We do thorough review of websites, newsgroups and e-mail discussions for mentions relevant to your business' or organizations' goals. Far from a data dump, we tabulate each source. We give complete, yet sicinct information: its URL, the organization or author, and contact information.

More importantly, we give an overview of your image on the Internet. In a 1-2 page Executive Summary we present the major views and who holds them.

We identify trouble spots and give appropriate strategies for addressing negative perceptions. We can provide physicians and the objective medical research and the correct approach needed to persuade website operators to change inaccurate, negative information about you. We avoid the backlash created by the typical strategies employed today.                    

Web Statistics:
When you develop a site, the level and patterns of usage speaks volumes about what (or even if) people think of your organization.

We use the leading software packages to collect, analyze, and modify your site for maximum exposure to your target audience.

We give you a complete analysis of your site including the volume, source, and patterns of your users. We also offer reports detailing:
General Statistics
Most Requested Pages
Least Requested Pages
Top Entry Pages
Top Exit Pages
Single Access Pages
Top Paths Through Site
Most Submitted Forms
Most Active Organizations
Most Active Countries
Summary of Activity by Day
Activity Level by Day of Week
Activity Level by Hour
Technical Statistics
Forms Submitted By Users
Client Errors
Server Errors
Most Downloaded File Types
Organization Breakdown
North American States
Most Active Cities
Most Accessed Directories
Top Referring Sites
Top Referring URLs
Top Search Engines
Top Search Keywords
Most Used Browsers
Netscape Browsers
Microsoft Explorer Browsers
Visiting Spiders
Most Used Platforms
It is graphical and easy to understand. Plus, we give recommendations on where you can improve.

Each search engine uses different elements of the site to determine its ranking when a user types in keywords. We analyze your placement on each major search engine and modify the factors of your site that will increase its ranking. That means more traffic to your message.