Promotion: listing, placement, links, publicity, promotion, media buys
Your new website is complete. You’ve spent thousands of dollars developing it. Everything’s set. But nobody’s coming.

It does no good having an amazing website if no one knows it exists. That's where GenneX promotion comes in. We'll drive traffic to your site. Since we specialize in healthcare, we are experts at strategically promoting your site in the important healthcare areas on the Internet. We develop a comprehensive plan to launch your site and to keep new users coming. This includes:

Strategic Search Engine Listing:
Approximately 85% of your sites' visitors will find you through a major search engine. They may browse through categorized listings on a subject that interests them.

As we focus on health, we can keep up with the continual changes and additions in the health categories. And we understand your sites' theme. We can choose the optimal placement -- the ones where your audience will look first.

Search Engine Placement:
Many users enter keywords of interest and visit the first sites that pop-up. Understanding both how search engines work and medical terminology is crucial to top placement of your site. We'll design your site from the ground up with optimal search engine placement in mind. We will embed invisible keywords to insure top search results.
And we will continually monitor and improve your placement.

Exchange Links:
We'll find relevant websites and arrange for them to link to your site in exchange for a reciprocal link . We have an extensive and frequently updated database of health related websites. We have longterm relationships with other health websites operators. Anyone can send a mass e-mail requesting a link to your site. We have the database and relationships to actually get them for you.                    

Web Announcement and Publicity:
We'll write and post the launch of your site and periodic announcements of new additions to appropriate newsgroups, message boards and discussions. We get people talking about you and telling their friends.

From contests to quizzes. From community to viral marketing. We develop a customized package of offerings to create "stickiness" to your site. We get people coming back again and again and bringing their friends and family along.

Media Buys:
We are experienced at banner ad creation and buys in the healthcare space. We manage and monitor the process to give you concrete feedback on your return, on your investment, and we expand on what works.
With our large database of health sites, health keywords and their prices, we can put together a budget quickly and easily. You won't pay for the research involved -- just the exposure you get. And since we buy for other health sites, we can bundle you together for an even better price.