Our Advantages: technology, health, internet

We Are About Technology
Ultimately, the Internet is a technological tool. You can use for marketing, for branding, for customer relationship management, for public relations, to streamline workflow. But if your Internet partner doesn't have a good handle on the technology, you are headed for trouble in the long run.

Many, many firms can register a domain and put a few pictures and text on the web. We know what commonly goes wrong after one does that. We know how to troubleshoot, diagnose, and remedy these problems. More importantly, we know how to avoid them in the first place.

We keep abreast of all the major technologies. We pick the right one for the project. Not the easy, canned solution. Not the only we know how to use. The one that works for your site is -- today and in its future.

Don't risk your career on a firm that will take your money and leave you with some digitized pictures and a crisis.

We Are About Health
Health is one of the most commonly viewed topics on the Internet. Understanding what motivates Internet users to seek out health information and how they use it is crucial to a successful Internet presence. By focusing on health, we can create a superior user experience.

Knowing what topics are related from a clinical perspective leads to superior site navigation and content organization. Your users will find what they are looking for. And they will be presented with information they can use that they didn't know to look for.

Keeping up with the CyberJoneses. Knowing what website features your competitors have is essential. Knowing what features are on the horizon in your field is a distinct competitive advantage. We continuously review sites in the areas of health providers, payers, service providers, non-profit organizations, and pharmaceutical and durable medical product manufacturers. We can give you the competitive intelligence to match and surpass your competition on the web.

Using interactivity effectively, instead of annoyingly. Many general interactive firms create tools that work beautifully -- from a technical standpoint only. But they don't serve the user. We design interactives that operationalize medical concepts, that ask people things they know off the tops of their heads, and that gives them an analysis that is interesting to them and actionable.

Health information is among the most confidential and regulated information to cross the Internet. We keep up with HIPPA, FDA, HCFA and other patient and Internet privacy and regulatory issues. How these laws impact your website, its keywording, its linking, your sponsorship of other sites. Unlike most web firms, we can warn you when the normal process of web development and promotion is creating a legal or regulatory risk.

It's about the Internet
The Internet and its users are different. They are more cynical and savvy than your off-line customers are are. Whatever you tell them, they are one click away from someone who contradicts you. The culture has different norms. Violate them at your own risk.

Many Public Relations firms' do more harm then good, on the Internet. They use tactics that earn your company and your product a reputation of being dishonest, intrusive, and arrogant. Before you know it "yourcompanysucks.com" sites have their own category on Yahoo.

We use a high touch approach. We don't bombard strangers with requests related to your site. We don't have to. We already know these people. We are longtime members of the cyberspace community. We know its norms and its leaders.
Speaking of community -- not every health topic warrants a chat. Not every site warrants a chatroom. Some topics, people would rather discuss on a message board. Some thing people would rather review information in solitude. We review your health focus and determine which community elements will work.