Our Approach: relieve, prevent, improve

We relieve stress.
Many managers have the new responsibility of an Internet presence, but they are uncertain of the right approach. They are uncertain as to what needs to be done. With one knowledgeable contractor to deal with all your internet issues, you can get back to the rest of your job.

We prevent headaches.
We are Internet experts. Our principals having been on the Internet since the early 80s (yes, the 80's). We know far more than the basics. Far more than the high school kid next door to you. Far more than the firms who've decided to add the Internet to their offerings within the last five years. We are proactive in preventing common problems. We know how to troubleshoot and resolve unavoidable problems. And we provide you with easy to understand explanations of the situation. You won't be left hanging, trying to explain to your boss why e-mail doesn't work. Why your website disappeared. Or why your company doesn't control its domain names anymore. While your Internet contractor denies they had anything to do with it.

We improve your appearance.
Think of it as plastic surgery for the career. In other words, we make you look good. To your clients. To your customers. To your boss. To your Boss' boss. We do the work. You get the credit. You get the competitive advantage of being seen as the company's Internet Guru.